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Acupuncture Specialist for Riverbank, CA

Everyone has encountered more stress than is easy to cope with throughout their lives. Excessive stress inflicts a lot of damage on the body by reducing appetites, causing back aches, stiff muscles and many other physical symptoms. If left unchecked, stress can lead to full blown depression and anxiety.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, stress affects the Qi flow in the body to cause uncomfortable physical responses. Acupuncture therapy can help restore your Qi flow to provide immediate relief for your stress.

At TCM Acupuncture Clinic, we work with experienced acupuncture specialists to help our clients find release from their day to day stress. We have helped hundreds of clients with stress management and create a path to a happy life.

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Holistic Headaches and Menopause Treatment at TCM

Headaches are a common complaint for women going through menopause along with weight gain, hot flashes and many other symptoms. Cupping therapy provides immediate relief from headaches by stimulating blood circulation in the affected area while also reducing the intensity of all other menopausal symptoms.

Specialists at our center combine acupuncture, cupping treatment and herbal medicine to make menopause less uncomfortable. With our services, you will find that your transition into a new phase of life is much easier and very relaxing.

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