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Wellness Clinic for Holistic Medicine for residents in Modesto, CA

TCM Acupuncture Clinic offers acupuncture therapy, herbal medicine and cupping treatment for stress management and menopause. Using traditional Chinese medicine, we help our clients live healthy and joyous lives.

Acupuncture helps eliminate pain and headaches from stress by restoring the flow of energy throughout body. According to ancient Chinese medical practitioners, stress blocks Qi to create excessive heat and affecting blood circulation. We restore your Qi flows by stimulating trigger points to help your muscles relax while improving blood circulation to relieve your headaches.

Our specialists also prescribe herbal medicine to help you relieve stress and develop a long-term stress management treatment strategy.

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Cupping Treatment for Headaches and Menopause z

Cupping treatment is an effective way of relieving headaches and the symptoms of menopause. The treatment process involves creating a partial vacuum over the painful area to improve blood circulation through the response of blood vessels from the vacuum. As you progress through the treatment, your headaches will subside, and you will feel a deep sense of relief from your condition.

Cupping therapy is also very effective in eliminating the discomfort from menopause. The treatment provides immediate relief from migraines, night sweats, hot flashes and can also prevent weight gain. Menopause is a very uncomfortable time in any woman’s life, and we make sure that we can make the transition to a new stage in your life much easier.

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