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Traditional Chinese Medicine for residents of Lodi, CA

TCM Acupuncture Clinic takes a holistic approach to help treat your medical conditions. We follow the principles of traditional Chinese medicine to take a holistic approach to client treatments and develop unique treatment strategies as fits their circumstances.

Although people often complain of similar symptoms, it’s hardly ever true that it’s because of the same reasons. Everyone develops their condition in different circumstances and from different causes. We make it our duty to identify exactly what’s causing your condition to offer a personalized treatment for the root cause of the condition. As we eliminate the root cause of your condition, we also alleviate the symptoms of the condition.

Our treatments include acupuncture, cupping treatment and herbal medicine to help you live a healthier life. Get in touch with us today at (209) 239-8826 for more information on the services offered at our wellness clinic.

Holistic Stress Management, Headache and Menopause Treatment

Most medical conditions are caused by disruptions in Qi flows, which are the source of your physical symptoms. Stress, in particular, blocks the Qi flowing through your body to give you headaches, back aches and muscle soreness. We use acupuncture to help restore Qi flows by stimulating trigger points and thus alleviating your pain.

We also use acupuncture in combination with herbal medicine and cupping treatment to create a comprehensive treatment plan for menopause. According to Chinese medicine, menopause is caused by a deficiency in the Kidney Yin. We try to restore the Kidney Yin through acupuncture, herbal medicine and cupping treatments.

Speak with us today to learn about our treatment plans or to book an appointment with our acupuncture specialists.

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