What Is Acupuncture?

By stimulating trigger points on or underneath your skin with needles, acupuncture treatment helps in reducing pain, treating injuries, and relaxing the muscles. As a result, both the mind and body are soothed and the body’s energy is re-balanced to promote a consistent energy flow.

The process involves the insertion of thin needles strategically across your skin. This stimulates specific trigger points within your body, which in turn promotes overall wellness. Acupuncture influences both, physical and mental well-being by balancing the body’s positive and negative energies (i.e. “qi”). Ensuring that the energy flow within your body isn’t disrupted, this form of Traditional Chinese Medicine then triggers inflammatory responses, boosts the immune system, relieves physical and mental stress, and influences your mood. So head over to the experts at our clinic in Manteca today!

We also cater to clients in Lathrop, Salida, Stockton, Riverbank, Tracy, and Lodi.

How TCM Acupuncture Wellness Clinic Can Help You  

At TCM Acupuncture Wellness Clinic we can help alleviate many physical and psychological symptoms. Whether you are suffering from chronic musculoskeletal pain and stiffness, face recurrent headaches and migraines, have been stressed or deeply anxious, want to curb your allergies or addictions, or wish to treat infertility or menstrual cramps, our acupuncturist is the person to go to!

By stimulating trigger points either on or underneath your skin with fine needles, they’ll first reactivate your body’s healing ability. This will relax your muscles, relieving physical and mental stress and providing comfort. As a result, both your mind and body will be soothed and your body will have a consistent energy flow.

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